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Todd Water Control Unit 3000 — DST 220

The Todd Water Control Unit 3000 is an economical solution for the efficient management of water service during the embalming process. The WCU 3000 comes complete with hydro-aspirator, hot and cold water embalming machine fill, and hot and cold water for the morgue table. Cabinet mounted.

A Duncan Stuart Todd Design

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Hydro-aspirates and provides hot and cold water to the embalming machine and table.

Includes integral back flush, two 12″ clear hoses and quick-disconnects.

Reduces Toxins

Aspirator waste is plumbed directly into the waste line minimizing airborne exposure.


Counter mounted, 10” x 5” footprint.

Under counter plumbed.

Fill spout swivels.

Product Sheet


Assembly Pre-assembled; pre-plumbed
Mounting Cabinet mounted
Supplied with stainless steel mounting hardware
Template and instructions provided
Cold Water Lines one (1) 1″ to angle stop
two (2) flexible connections from angle stop
Hot Water Lines one (1) 1/2″ to angle stop
one (1) 1/2″ flexible connection from angle stop
Auxiliary Requirements for Proper Aspiration Operation 1″ cold water line to the preparation room
Continuously operating water pressure of 65 to 85 psi
We recommend units be installed with a volume pressure control system DST 302
Auxiliary Requirements for Code Compliancy Reduced pressure backflow preventers required on cold and hot water lines
Mark piping to Todd WCU 2100 non-potable per plumbing code requirements
NOTE Clean out all plumbing lines prior to start up
Install in accordance with all applicable codes

Technical Information

Size 16″ x 1 3/8″
Weight 15 lbs
Construction Stainless steel housing and chrome fittings
Aspiration 29# @ 65 psi
Components 12′ clear hose
3 quick disconnects
12′ Clear Tubing
Riser Height 3 heights available to fit Dodge, Duotronic, and Portaboy embalming machines
Compliancy OSHA compliant when installed per manufacturer’s guidelines
Recommended Accessories Volume Pressure Kit DST 302
Options 3 riser heights available to fit Dodge, Duotronic, and Portaboy embalming machines


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    A Duncan Stuart Todd Assembly

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